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Here are all of our 16 (already!) downloads. All of them are ABSOLUTELY FREE!!! :


Phoebus Software:

AIML Fox 3.1 (301 KB) - Version 3.1 of AIML Fox. Much better than v1.2 below. ZIP format.

AIML Fox 1.2 (727 KB) - Professional AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) editor.

Picture Browser 5 (815 KB) - A simple picture file manager!

GI-Math 1.0 (683 KB) - (GREEK VERSION!) A small math application capable of performing various calculations. 

eTask (697 KB) - A handy program for keeping categorized notes and any kind of information. 


CheckerBoard (980 KB) - A nice Checkers game.

Authoring Tools:

Worldcraft 3.33 (1900 KB) - Valve's famous map creator.

PakScape v0.11 (106 KB) - A useful PK3 and ZIP explorer.

WinBSPC version 1.2 (118 KB) - A .BSP Decompiler for map authors. 

Fontographer (535 KB) - Fully functional free copy of Altsys Fontographer.


Goldwave Studio 4.26 (845 KB) - One of the best sound editors!

RazorLame (630 KB) - The best free MP3 Encoder/Decoder!

VoxRecorder (189 KB) - A handy program for making quick and qualitative recordings.

Internet related:

WS_FTP 95LE (690 KB) - One of the best freeware FTP programs!

Other software:

Sun Clock (571 KB) - A clock system that displays time in every part of the world!

Picture-Message Editor (1206 KB) - Enables you to design picture-messages for your mobile phole (cellphone)!

Operator-Logo Uploader (1465 KB) - A program for uploading logos and picture-messages to your mobile phone.


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